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You are invited to Rafu Bussan’s HOT Summer Sale


It is that time of year…the days are longer, the nights are warm.
It’s the season for outdoor parties and gatherings…
Japanese furin (windchime) chiming in the gentle breeze while we sip chilled sake and mugi-cha (barley tea),
dining on cold sashimi and sushi, munching on rice crackers and tea cakes.

Many of us are out dancing at the temple festivals (obon), fanning ourselves with the uchiwa (rounded fan)
and running around in yukata (summer cotton kimono) and geta (wood slipper).
Location weddings and small intimate dinners require the “just so” gift and tableware to make it special.
We have so many fine Japanese inspired and contemporary designs in our dinnerware,
you will have a hard time choosing just what to buy or give.
Whether it is a small token hostess gift or a gift that just has to have that right
meaning behind it, we have the selection to choose from.

We have bento boxes you can put all manner of food in.
Wrap them up in our furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloths), and everyone will “ooooh and aaaaah” all around you.
Use them for picnics at the Hollywood Bowl or your next road trip.
Many different molds to make sushi, rolls and onigiri (rice balls) to add to your kitchen paraphernalia
as well as flower shaped vegetable cutters,
Benriner mandolins and rice cooker/steamers.

We have a new selection of round and rectangular lacquer trays with new designs to choose from,
as well as tea sets and tea ceremony bowls, bowls and maneki-neko (good luck cat) statues.

All of our red-tag sale items are priced to go so don’t wait, come by and shop.
It is the best time to stock-up on your “just-in-case-I-need-it” gifts.

Our Nisei Week Festival here in Little Tokyo will be held from August 9 through August 17. The grand parade will be on Sunday, and the finale will be the
following Sunday with a giant obon dancing event that everyone is welcome to join in on. Both weekends are filled with various cultural events like Ikebana and Bonsai,
Tea Ceremony, Martial Arts, Doll and Calligraphy displays.

See you all in August!!!

Rafu Bussan, Inc.

There is history and tradition in the store itself. Rafu Bussan is a combination of the words "Rashogiri" an old name for Los Angeles, from which came "ra" and "fu" meaning prefecture. The word "bussan" means product. The store found its beginnings before World War II when Yuko Tanaka and Junichi Onishi founded Rafu Bussan in Gardena, California. During World War II, Mr. Tanaka was sent to an internment camp and after the war, they started the business up again delivering items such as rice, tea, rice bowls and chopsticks to the Japanese in Orange County and the South Bay communities. In 1958, Kiyoshi "Skip" Kawaratani and his wife purchased Mr. Onishi's share of the business and later, Mr. Tanaka's interest as well. Rafu Bussan continues to perpetuate Japanese housewares and gift items today.

We carry an extensive selection of:

Japanese China and Dinnerware
Flower Arrangement Vases and Accessories
Shigaraki Vases
Traditional Iron & Metal Ornaments and Pictures
Hakata Kokeshi, and Classical Japanese Dolls
Origami Papers and Books
Japanese Foods and Snacks

We have four seasonal sales a year. Don't forget to join our mailing list. Please feel free to call us for further information on our products and sale dates.


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